Friday, 3 May 2013

Welcome to my online kitchen diary!


Here goes, the first post. Firstly thanks for reading. I am going to post recipes as often as I can that I like to cook at home.  I mostly cook for myself and hopefully my recipes show you can eat pretty well without being on a massive salary. You'll notice I am really anti-waste, so over a week the same ingredients are likely to crop up as I use what's in the fridge. But occasionally I  like to do themed dinners for friends when I will go a bit further to make it special. You could say the food controls my life!

Of course I have tested all these recipes so they have worked for me, but I cannot claim everything will be 100% detailed, as a lot of how I cook is done my eye, not by measuring. Handful of this, bit of that. You will have to judge and feel free to swap your fave things in or use what you have.

Most of the dishes are adaptations from recipes, or dishes I have tried in a restaurant and attempted to recreate, or just a experimental creation depending on what’s in the fridge. I like Nigel Slater’s style of cooking – he knows what flavours will taste nice together and keeps things simple, often just making something delicious out of nothing. He cooks food you want to eat, and that is also my approach. Rules are for teachers!!


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