About Me

About me

I am starting this blog in Spring 2013. Have never attempted anything like this before but my drive and passion about food means this will be me outlet for the foreseeable future and although it is more of a personal diary, anyone is invited to come along on my journey! Be great to hear your thoughts.

My work is related to food although I always regretted not taking it more seriously and going into the industry proper. I don’t think I have very many practical skills but have a lot of knowledge that I have picked up along my years of gluttony and reading a many cookery books.

I am 33 and live on my own at the moment, so I like to cook from scratch as often as I can and I have the luxury of doing as I like! I do not have kids and as I eat pretty much anything - I am not restricted by special diets and allergies etc. You will see most recipes are for 1 (or 2) people which proves to me there is no need to miss out on good home cooking just because you are on your own.

So although I like cooking I have only recently starting cooking for others, as felt held back by worry of criticism and that I would not be good enough. But now I’ve got to the point where I realise the pleasure of eating is so much more than the dish itself! Yes, I have had many disasters and disappointments, but in my friends eyes they are just grateful they haven’t had to cook for themselves! So that is where I am – I want to keep cooking and trying new things, whether for myself as a hobby or seeing the smiles on people’s faces.

Like many people, I’m sure, I think about food constantly. As soon as I wake I am planning the day’s meals and writing shopping lists and reading countless food magazines. I am so obsessed I even enjoy reading menus online and looking at what everyone is having in restaurants. I must own over 100 recipe books easily and although I don’t cook many recipes from each one I love the inspiration it gives and the mouth watering food photography. It has also got to the point where my holidays are planned around gastronomy and researching what the must-have dishes are before I go to make sure I am not missing out! The culture and heritage behind countries signature foods are just as appealing as visiting galleries and museums.

However, I am in no way snobbish or pretend to be an epicurean – I am equally happy munching a juicy Nando’s as I am trying an 8 course Michelin tasting menu. It’s all about who you are with, timing and occasion. The main thing is to enjoy what you eat and make each mouthful count. If you like, you can read my reviews, tips and recipes on my other pages. Happy gorging!

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  1. I have to admit often preferring visiting supermarkets and food markets over sightseeing when visiting other countries :) Look forward to reading more of your thoughts x